ARUP Seminars Presented by Academic Investigators

Academic investigators are welcome to visit ARUP and discuss their research related to human diagnostics or to processes that may be useful in diagnostic tests. Please contact Karen McRae for further information. (; 801-583-2787 x3615)

To follow are examples of some of the topics presented at ARUP by University of Utah investigators.

Faculty Department Topic Outcome
Sean Esplin MD ObGyn Serum markers for preterm birth and preeclampsia. ARUP’s Translational Research Team has provided R&D resource to generate data.
Bob Pendelton, PhD General Internal Medicine,
Thrombosis Clinic
Genotype-guided warfarin management. ARUP and Dr Pendleton are collaborating on a prospective clinical study to assess impact of genotype information on patient outcome. ARUP is funding the study.
Mark Dodson MD,
Pat Soisson MD,
Joel Webb MD
ObGyn Multiple serum markers for differential diagnostics of ovarian cancer. Patient enrollment continues for a multi-center clinical study. ARUP corporate partner is funding the study.
Art Brothman, PhD Pediatrics Genetics Cytogenetics CGH Research Dr. Brothman has now joined ARUP as medical director of the cytogenetics section and continues his studies.
Jerry Spangrude, PhD Hematology Methods to diagnose hemoglobinopathies. ARUP provided advice regarding the market feasibilty of this testing.
Mark Yandel, PhD Human Genetics Bioinformatics and image analysis. Collaborations explored in next generation sequencing data analysis and reporting.
Julio Delgado, MD Pathology Transplantation Immunology and characterization of HLA peptide motifs ARUP’s Translational Research Team collaborated with Dr Delgado. The work is now published PubMed ID: 18802091. Dr Delgado joined ARUP as medical director.
Vicente Planelles, PhD Pathology Pathogenesis by the human immunodeficiency virus Translational research collaboration with ARUP mass spectrometry and bioinformatics.
Steve Lessnick, MD,PhD Pediatric Hem/Onc Ewings Sarcoma: Diagnostics and Treatment. ARUP collaborated with Dr. Lessnick to develop better differential diagnosis for Ewings using IHC.