Academic Collaborations

Academic researchers wishing to explore research collaborations with ARUP Laboratories are asked to discuss their ideas with the appropriate faculty contacts at ARUP.

If you need help connecting with the appropriate faculty, please contact one of the individuals below.

For University of Utah faculty and investigators:

Sherrie L. Perkins, MD, PhD
R&D Executive Co-Director
(800) 242-2787
(801) 581-5854
Peter Jensen, MD
Chairman, Department of Pathology
(801) 585-6217

For all other academic investigators:

Julio Delgado, MD, MS
R&D Executive Co-Director
(800) 242-2787
(801) 583-2787 x3445
Karen Heichman, PhD
Oncology Product Development & Licensing
(800) 242-2787 x5068
(801) 584-5068
Noriko Kusukawa, PhD
New Technology Assesment and Licensing
(800) 242-2787 x5193
(801) 584-5193