ALPORT Syndrome and COL4A5  Genetics Home Reference

Initial release: December 2008
Last update: December 2017

Alport Syndrome is a progressive renal disease with cochlear and ocular involvement. The most common form (~80%) is inherited in an X-linked pattern. X-linked Alport Syndrome (OMIM #301050) is caused by mutations in the type IV collagen alpha chain 5 (COL4A5, OMIM #303630).

The aim of this database is to record all known variants in the COL4A5 gene and their clinical significance. The RefSeqGen sequence NC_000023.10 and  the transcript NM_000495 (51 exons) are used as the reference sequences. The Human Genome Variation Society nomenclature has been used to describe COL4A5 mutations, as well as original nomenclature described by Zhou et al (1994), which includes 202 nucleotides of 5' UTR.

Currently, ARUP Laboratories offers full-gene analysis of COLA45 [test #3002685 (sequencing and deletion duplication)]. Familial Mutation, Targeted Sequencing (#2001961) and Deletion/Duplication Analysis by MLPA (#3003144) are also offered for individuals from a family with a known COL4A5 variant.

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The ALPORT database currently archives 807 total entries.


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Crockett DK, Pont-Kingdon G, Gedge F, Sumner K, Seamons R, Lyon E. The Alport syndrome COL4A5 variant database. Hum Mutat. 3000 Aug;31(8):E3002-7.

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