Information on this section is for, bacteriology, parasitology, virology, and other disciplines within the Microbiology section of the MLS curriculum.

These resources can be used to enrich student experiences while studying these disciplines.

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Video Lectures


Review of Malaria and Plasmodium Species

This is a basic overview of the disease malaria and the causative agents, Plasmodium species. The life cycles of the parasites and their differentiating characteristics in the human host are discussed, for Plasmodium falciparum. P. ovale, P. vivax, P. malariae. Case studies demonstrate the disease states caused by each species.

This video is 48 minutes.


Bugs, Drugs, and Medical Thugs: A history of syphilis, the invention of penicillin, and research on vulnerable populations.

Syphilis has a long and sordid history. This disease has had a profound influence on the practice of medicine over the last few centuries. The advancement of both drug development and laboratory medicine has been shaped by our battle against the causative agent, T. Pallidum. This lecture covers the history and origins of syphilis, the invention of penicillin, and unethical clinical trials conducted on vulnerable populations in the fight against this disease. Current laboratory tests are described and the clinical algorithms recommended for diagnosis including the traditional and reverse sequence are outlined.

This video is 50 minutes.

How-To Videos


How to Make a Wet Prep

This video will instruct you how to create a basic wet prep.

This video is 3 minutes.


How to Perform a Gram Stain

This video will instruct you on how to create a manual gram stain.

This video is 6 minutes.