A Practical Approach to the Diagnosis of B-Cell Lymphomas


The diagnosis of B-cell lymphomas is complex and even more so with the latest WHO and ICC classification systems. In this talk, we will review an architectural framework for how to approach and diagnose mature B-cell lymphomas. New entities and important updates that all pathologists and clinicians should be familiar with will also be covered.

Originally published on October 9, 2023

Lecture Presenter

Robert S. Ohgami, MD, PhD

Robert S. Ohgami, MD, PhD

University of Utah School of Medicine
Chief Medical Director, Research and Development in Integrated Oncology and Genetics
ARUP Laboratories

Dr. Robert Ohgami is a chief medical director for Research and Development in integrated oncology and genetics at ARUP Laboratories, and a professor at the University of Utah School of Medicine. He received his medical degree at Harvard Medical School and his doctorate degree at Harvard University. Dr. Ohgami completed his residency in anatomic pathology and a fellowship in hematopathology from Stanford University. He is certified by the American Board of Pathology in anatomic pathology and hematology. Dr. Ohgami received the Berard-Dorfman Founders Award from the Society for Hematopathology. His research interests include translational molecular pathology, clinical laboratory testing, and hematopathology.


After this presentation, participants will be able to:

  • Review new updates to B-cell lymphoma classifications by WHO and ICC classification systems
  • Discuss the importance of integrating all available patient data for the diagnosis of B-cell lymphomas
  • Describe the pathologic features associated with characteristic B-cell lymphomas

Sponsored by:

University of Utah School of Medicine, Department of Pathology, and ARUP Laboratories