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Dr. Brian Jackson

Join Dr. Brian Jackson, associate professor of pathology at the University of Utah and a medical director at ARUP Laboratories, as he interviews some of the top minds in diagnostic laboratory medicine. Listeners are privy to personal anecdotes and creative insights into important challenges facing laboratories and clinicians.

An Interview with Dr. Sherrie Perkins: The Cultural Legacy of a CEO

Dr. Sherrie Perkins

Dr. Sherrie Perkins never planned, nor aspired, to become CEO of a large clinical laboratory business. But after a long and successful career as an academic hematopathologist, she was tapped as the sixth chief executive in ARUP Laboratories’ nearly 40-year history. In this interview, she describes her journey from art student to pathologist, how every CEO leaves a distinctive mark on a company, and why diversity and inclusion are so important to ARUP’s future.

Originally published June 18, 2021

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