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An Interview With Drs. Meghan Delaney and Eric Konnick: How FDA Restrictions on Laboratory-Developed Tests Will Harm Patients and Increase Costs

Drs. Meghan Delaney and Eric Konnick

The FDA recently announced a plan to regulate laboratory-developed tests (LDTs) as medical devices. In this interview, Dr. Meghan Delaney from Children’s National Hospital and Dr. Eric Konnick from the University of Washington explain why many tests that are critical to patient care, particularly in the areas of pediatrics, transplantation, and rare diseases, may become unavailable if the rule the FDA has proposed is enacted. Other tests may remain available, but at a significantly increased cost. Dr. Jonathan Genzen, ARUP’s chief medical officer and cohost of this episode, describes how laboratory professionals can provide public feedback to the FDA before the rule takes effect.

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Originally published November 4, 2023

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